Freightliner Business Class M2

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About Freightliner

Leland James, the founder of Consolidated Freightways, wanted to establish a firm which could manufacture semitractors that could be used by corporations. Initially, Freightways utilized Fageol vehicles for their design start point, putting the cab on top of the axle in front.

Due to the shorter length, the newer trucks enabled longer trailers to be used while remaining in compliance with the strict laws at the time. During the 1930s the companies begin using the term Freightliner to describe its truck, a name that would stick. In addition to reduced length, the trucks also underwent a substantial weight reduction, which maximized their engine power, making it easier to ascend the steep mountain grades found in some Western areas of the U.S.

About Freightliner Business Class M2

The Business Class M2 is a line of medium duty style trucks which are manufactured by Freightliner. First introduced in 2002, they are considered the successor to FL-Series trucks which were popular during the 1990s. In regards to size, they range from Class 5 to Class 8, and are produced in Mexico and North Carolina at Mount Holly.

This truck is constructed in a broad configuration range, which includes the BBC 123 inch extended cab, BBC four door 154 inch crew cab, and the BBC 106 inch day cab. Crew cabs provide seating for a maximum of six passengers. The Business Class M2 is extremely versatile and can be configured to be used as an ambulance, school bus or freight vehicle.

Common Freightliner Business Class M2 A/C Problems

One driver reported that although their truck’s system was charged, no power was getting to the compressor. They connected it directly to a 12 volt supply which worked and the A/C blew out cold air. They also inspected the high and low pressure sensors and although they seemed to be okay no supply voltage was present in the lower pressure sensor. Despite exchanging the A/C control module the issue persisted.

A technician who investigated the issue stated that if power for high pressure is available, this means that the connection between lower and higher pressure switch is the problem. A bad pin inside the plug might also be the culprit as well as a wire break between its switches.

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