Ford Taurus X

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About Ford

Ford has built a strong presence in Asia. In 2001 it established the very first joint passenger vehicle venture with China and since then has spent nearly $5 billion to expand its production capacity and lineup for the Chinese market. Ford constructed one of its largest plants at Chongqing, and reports from 2013 suggested that it had captured approximately 2.5 percent of the entire Chinese market. Other countries in Asia where Ford is prominent include Taiwan, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and the Philippines.

About Ford Taurus X

In 2007, when Alan Mulally became Ford CEO, he requested a revision for the Mercury and Ford models, stating that some of the existing nameplates weren’t that popular with consumers. Part of this revision was the reinstatement of the Ford Taurus, which would be called the Ford Taurus X. It was envisioned as a replacement for the Freestyle and was revealed to the public during the 2007 Auto Show in Chicago.

The Ford Taurus X displayed a 3 bar chrome grille which was horizontal and flush mounted, along with contrasting paint color for the wheel trim and lower body. Some editions came with an Eddie Bauer trim. The powertrains were updated, with the original V6 engine being replaced by a Duratec 35 based V6 that was 3.5 liter and capable of generating 263 horsepower. It also came with an automatic six speed transmission, though buyers also have the option of all wheel drive. The Ford Taurus X also offers multiple power options like a rear lift gate along with seats in the second row that can power fold.

Common Ford Taurus X A/C Problems

The evaporator in the Ford Taurus X is vulnerable to becoming dirty, and once this happens drivers will notice that the vent’s airflow is choppy rather than smooth, and they might also detect an unpleasant moldy scent. The air filter is responsible for capturing dirt and various airborne particles, but some will inevitable escape and fall into the evaporator.

If the issue is not addressed, the dust particles will accumulate over time in the fins while blocking air flow and causing inadequate cooling. However, cleaning the evaporator can be challenging and should be done by a professional.

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Depending on the Ford model you own, it might be necessary to remove the whole dashboard just to get to the evaporator. If you do this and discover that the evaporator is leaking, this means that the component is faulty and needs to be replaced, and R&Y Compressors is the best place to get a replacement.

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