Ford Taurus

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About Ford

Ford has a joint venture in the nation of Turkey that includes a production facility. It is associated with a firm called Ford Otosan, which was founded during the 1970s to produce Transit Connect vans. Similar ventures have also been undertaken in Portugal, where Ford works with Volkswagen, and in 2008 Ford obtained a significant stake within Automobile Craiova, which was a manufacturer based in Romania. Smaller cars became popular during the Oil Crisis of the 1970s, and Ford responded by introducing smaller cars such as the Fiesta Hatchback, which was mostly produced in Valencia, Spain.

About Ford Taurus

The Taurus is a line of cars which were first introduced by Ford in 1986, and remained in production until 2019. It has appeared in six generations total, and is one of the company’s longest running nameplates at thirty four years. Its platform was used as the basis for the more luxurious Lincoln Continental.

The Ford Taurus is considered an important milestone, as it was designed through the usage of statistical based process control which W. Edwards Deming developed, who was a noted statistician. The design used in the Taurus was highly influential and contributed to numerous innovations.

However, while it was popular during the 1980s and early 1990s, by the early 2000s its popularity begin to wane, as its market share was captured by Japanese sedans, prompting Ford to focus on the development of sport utility vehicles. However, the Taurus was briefly revived at the Chicago Auto Show of 2007, and a model would be released for 2010 which displayed a number of revisions.

Common Ford Taurus A/C Problems

One owner reported that the air conditioning in their Ford Taurus was not cooling the cabin when the car was at low speed or idle, but would run cold whenever operating at standard speed. Mechanics who inspected the vehicle concluded that the issue was the result of a faulty compressor. One solution that was discovered by some drivers involved the refrigerant based control valve which is connected to the compressor. Replacing this part fixed the problem and the component is very affordable.

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