Ford Ranger

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About Ford

Ford successfully expanded into Europe during the 20th century, especially in Great Britain and Germany. Distinct models were built in the different countries until the 1960s, when both the Ford Escort and Ford Transit could be purchased in multiple regions. By the 1970s, models like the Cortina and Ford Taurus were manufactured with the same base constructions, and variants appeared in both right and left hand drive. Although Ford officially suspended UK car production in 2002 after almost ninety years, the Transit van continued to be produced in Southampton until 2013. Aside from Germany and the UK, Ford has also had assembly plants in Spain and Romania.

About Ford Ranger

The Ranger is a brand of light pickup trucks which were first introduced by Ford in 1983. It is smaller than the F-150 and is very successful in markets where the Super Duty and F-Series are unavailable. The Ford Ranger has appeared in four generations so far. The light chassis used in the original Ford Ranger was so successful that it was later applied to other vehicles such as the Ford Explorer, Ford Bronco and the Aerostar minivan.

The latest Ranger can be purchased in 2 configurations and comes with a wheelbase that is 127 inches with an EcoBoost 2.3L dual turbocharged engine that is wedded to an automatic ten speed transmission. These trucks are assembled at the Michigan facility in the city of Wayne, but are also exported to South American markets where they are popular especially in Argentina.

Common Ford Ranger A/C Problems

The blower motor in some Ford Rangers has gone bad. The issue usually presents itself in the form of inadequate airflow from its A/C vents, and some drivers have also reported unusual sounds while operating the truck. Once the blower motor becomes faulty it cannot be repaired and you will have to purchase and install a new one. If after installing the replacement blower motor the problem persists, this could be a sign that a fuse has blown, and this too should be replaced.

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