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About Ford

Ford first started manufacturing trucks in 1908, with the earliest version being the Model TT. Its success led to the development of the Models AA and BB, and since that time, subsequent trucks have been manufactured in Canada, the USA, Argentina, the Netherlands, Germany, France, India and Spain, one of the most popular of which is the Ford F150. The longest lasting truck production operation was at Ford of Britain, which by 1986 became an Iveco group member. The Transcontinental was one of Ford’s most successful commercial trucks but by 1996 the company made the decision to sell its commercial truck division to Daimler AG.

About Ford Ranger

The Ford Ranger is a pickup truck that is compact and the successor of the Ford Courier, which was manufactured in North America between 1972 and 1982. The Ranger was wildly successful, so much so that it served as the basis for other models such as Mazda and Mercury vehicles but by 2011 was discontinued, only to be brought back eight years later in 2019. The newest edition is produced at the assembly plant in Michigan and is offered in two configurations, one of which is the SuperCab, which has a 2+2 door which is extended with a six foot bed, and the SuperCrew, which is has a crew cabin with four doors and a five foot bed.

Common Ford Ranger A/C Problems

Owners of the Ford Ranger have described problems with the air conditioning lines, as well as the brakes and wheel bearings. The problem seems to involve excessive rust, so much that the components have rusted out. Others have reported that sometimes the A/C fails to start up when activated, and when the truck was taken to a mechanic, it was found that a hole was present inside the condenser. It is believed that the hole was the result of a manufacturing defect, rather than wear, and the A/C begin working correctly once a replacement condenser was ordered online.

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