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About Ford

Ford was founded in the United States more than a century ago, and although it has expanded internationally since then, it continues to perform well in its domestic market. For instance, in 2010 it was revealed that the company increased its sales performance by 23 percent in a single month. About 37 percent of these sales involved fleet vehicles, yet purchases by individual customers within dealerships also grew by 13 percent within the same period.

About Ford Mustang

The Mustang is a line of automobiles manufactured by Ford which were first introduced in 1964. Currently, it is the longest running nameplate in the Ford lineup, and has become iconic since its inception. The cars have appeared in six generations so far and can be purchased in the form of convertible or coupes which are designed for high performance driving.

While the design has evolved over the decades, Mustangs are distinctive for their extensive hoods and shortened decks. Although it was initially predicted to only sell about one hundred thousand units per year, it exceeded expectations and became the most successful launch vehicle during its introduction, selling more than four hundred thousand units during the first twelve months, and during the next two years would sell an incredible one million units. Since 1964 Ford has sold more than ten million cars total. While Ford announced in 2018 that it would begin phasing out passengers cars for North American markets, the Ford Mustang was the exception, and would continue being produced in its current form.

Common Ford Mustang A/C Problems

One driver stated that the condenser fans within their Mustang’s A/C were constructed using materials which were defective, resulting in road debris that easily entered and bent the fan. When the car was inspected by a dealer it was concluded that these fans would be replaced, but the same issue might be present with other models.  Another owner stated that they had to replace their A/C compressor multiple times because it became faulty and caused the A/C to stop working.

Get Automotive A/C Products for Ford Mustang Now!

There have been cases where automobile owners had to replace their A/C components multiple times, spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars in the process. By accurately identifying the problem and buying the right component the first time, these headaches can be avoided while saving money.

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