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About Ford

In 2017, Ford obtained majority ownership in a company called Argo AI, which is a startup that specializes in self-driving vehicles. During the same year the company also reduced its workforce globally to enhance the company’s profits and strengthen its share price. It set a goal of $3 billion for cost reduction, and the following year CEO Mark Fields introduced Ford Smart Mobility, a unit which was tasked with developing various self-driving and car sharing ventures.

About Ford LCF

The Low Cab Forward (LCF) is a moderately sized cab over style truck which was manufactured between 2006 and 2009. It is the result of collaboration between Ford and Navistar, and comes in multiple wheelbases and configurations which allow it to be used as a dump truck, fire truck, tow truck, bucket truck and flatbed.

The chassis is primarily derived from the F-Series architecture, and it uses the same cab as the Mazda Titan. Standardized features include wheels made with steel, a grille that is painted and the option of powered or manual windows. It comes with one powertrain, which is the V6, 4.5 liter engine which is connected to a 5 speed TorqShift based transmission, which is also used by the Ford Super Duty.

Common Ford LCF A/C Problems

Some drivers have encountered problems with the truck’s air management. The A/C buttons or controls might not work or display excessive resistance. This is typically a sign that the issue is electrical in nature. If the air conditioning is not blowing out cold air, this means that a fuse is probably blown and has to be replaced. However, sometimes a faulty fuse in the blower fan is a sign that the motor itself has a problem.

The vacuum system and heat valves are responsible for temperature regulation and directional airflow, and those that need to locate and replace them can use the official manual for assistance.  The system for refrigerant cooling can be found beneath the hood and must be checked because it might be necessary to replace a compressor (or its belt drive) that has become broken or missing.

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