Ford Focus

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About Ford

Ford holds the second position as the largest automaker that is based in the United States and the fifth position as the largest automaker in the whole wide world. This places it behind Toyota, Volkswagen, Hyundai-Kia, and General Motors as of the year 2015. This is a huge progress if we were to reminisce how Ford nearly went bankrupt back in the early days of the 21st century when the financial crisis hit the globe. Shortly after, the company simply rolled back to profitability until today.

About Ford Focus

The Ford Focus is classed as a compact vehicle that is produced by Ford Motor Company. It was built under the Ford 2000 plan of Alexander Trotman which had an objective of globalizing the development of the model. The initial Focus was mainly fixated on getting ideas from Ford’s British and German teams. The Focus was first released in Europe in 1998 in the month of July after the Escort and to replace the Ford Laser and Escort. The final Focus produced for the North American market was on 4th May of 2018 before its fourth generation began its production.

Common Ford Focus A/C Problems

A group of car owners has shared their personal experiences around the Ford Focus and its A/C problems. Our mechanics have since provided their personal advices on how to rectify certain situations.

For a non-functioning A/C, owners are advised to first perform a refill. If the compressor is still not operating, check for any leakage. A more extreme situation may require a check on the system’s actuator before checking the pressure.

An owner complained about the Focus’ compressor not functioning at all. Mechanics have advised to replace the entire unit if refilling the gas does not prove to be of any assistance.

Another complaint raised was regarding the Ford Focus’ A/C unit that was blowing low pressure air. Owners are advised to check for any leakage that could stop the flow of refrigerant to the car’s A/C unit.

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