Ford F750

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About Ford

In January of 2017, Mark Fields, the CEO of Ford at the time, revealed that thanks to the friendly business climate which had emerged in the U.S. after the recent presidential election, the company had decided to cancel its plans for investing more than $1 billion to construct a Mexican automotive facility which would be used to assemble its Ford Focus. Instead, Ford decided to invest $700 million dollars in the state of Michigan, which would create at least seven hundred jobs. Additionally, the company planned to renovate a facility nearby which would be used to develop electric and autonomous vehicles.

About Ford F750

The Ford F750 is a massive truck which is designed to operate on difficult terrain. It is a combination off-road/scout vehicle, and though small compared to other trucks in its class, it is much larger than most scout vehicles. It is powerful enough to tow trailers which are full sized and a flatbed can be added which enables it to move cargo without one.

With no upgrades its capabilities are limited, since it has a lower height with no all-wheel drive. However, when a V10 6.6 liter engine is installed the F750 becomes a truly magnificent beast. It has a distinct gearbox which won’t be found in any other vehicle. It can be customized with three or six gears which makes it well adapted to driving both on and off-road. Buyers also get the option of tuned suspension which gives it a superior riding height.

Common Ford750 A/C Problems

One owner encountered a strange issue where the F750’s air conditioning was too cold while the truck sat idle but when moving only hot air would come out. A mechanic checked under the hood to inspect the air conditioning relay switch. This switch resembles small black cubes in close proximity to the fuses, and on its underside one can see a diagram which will guide them. He checked to see if this relay and the fan fuse were working, because if not the A/C would become warm. Additionally, this issue could also be caused by leakage.

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