Ford F650

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About Ford

Ford made a strategic decision to sell its climate control parts business in 2012. It was acquired by Detroit Thermal Systems for an amount not disclosed to the public. By 2016, Ford revealed plans to modernize the engineering headquarters at Dearborn via a building project which would last ten years. It is expected that this facility will double the number of employees who work in the area, and there are also plans to include space for electric and autonomous vehicles along with ride sharing.

About Ford F650

The Ford F650 is a medium duty commercial truck. It is designed for various applications, and can be purchased as a rigid vehicle or semi-tractor with numerous cab configurations. In the past buyers also got the option of a COE (cab over engine), but this role has since been taken over by Ford C-Series trucks. The Ford F650 is currently assembled at the Ohio Facility near Avon Lake.

F-Series trucks have appeared in eight generations so far. The newer models have removed the Blue Diamond shared chassis in favor of a newer one developed in-house by Ford, and the revised cab design is geared towards those that specialize in body manufacture. Additionally, rather than using a powertrain off shelf, the company replaced it with propriety transmissions and engines which were developed by Ford engineers. These trucks can be powered by multiple engines including the V8 Power Stroke 6.7 liter and V10 Triton 6.8 liter engine. However, manual transmission has yet to be offered.

Common Ford F650 A/C Problems

One owner of a Ford F650 Cummins stated that the air conditioning suddenly stopped working and the compressor had no power. They inspected every relay and fuse but didn’t have the owner’s manual. They tried switching the truck’s control panel, which did not improve the situation. Mechanics recommended jumping its pressure switch, because if the truck’s system is undercharged these switches won’t allow the A/C’s compressor to activate. Eventually the owner was able to resolve the problem by wiggling and pushing the black round four pin connector while the engine and A/C were on, which caused the compressor clutch to engage. The bad connections were the root of the problem and replacing them fixed it.

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