Ford F-350

R & Y A/C Compressors® has been in the industry for three decades now, serving vehicle owners of South Florida with their F-350 A/C problems. With a comprehensive list of A/C parts and components that are directly manufactured, customers can expect premium quality to be maintained throughout the entire process of supply chain starting from our manufacturing facility to our end consumers. Testing is also performed for every single product to warrant its excellent working condition.

About Ford

Ford is the popular term used for Ford Motor Company. It is a multinational automobile firm that is based in America. It produces and distributes commercial vehicles as well as automobiles under the brand, Ford. For its luxury range, the brand, Lincoln, is used for marketing. The company is listed in the New York Stock Exchange and its family has control of the company but not entirely apart from voting. Ford introduced large-scale production methods that utilize a large workforce under a controlled engineering environment to start making rapid progress in the long run.

About Ford F-350

The F-Series has an entire range of best-selling pickups in both Canada and the United States. It contributes an estimated amount of $41 billion towards Ford’s yearly revenue. The F-Series lineup has fortified a number of SUVs such as the Bronco, Expedition, and Navigator with its current production mainly being performed in 4 separate facilities within the United States. There are several variants of the F-Series which have been manufactured to target different groups of audiences. Trim packages and performance versions are the different options laid out for potential buyers.

Common Ford F-350 A/C Problems

Every pickup truck has had its own fair share of A/C problems and the F-350 is not an exception. Below are some concerns that have been raised amongst the group of F-350 owners in various platforms.

An owner has complained regarding the F-350 A/C unit blowing low pressure air out which is cold but slow. Mechanics have advised the owner to try re-charging the system first. If the problem is still out there, check on the pipes for any corrosion or even leakages.

Another concern that was raised was in regards to warm air which our mechanics have advised could be caused by the system’s tubing. If it is clear and not blocked, air flow will be smooth and cold.

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R & Y A/C Compressors® ensures quality is always maintained to provide assured service at all times. Our products are manufactured within our own facility and distribution is done by our team as well to keep track of processing and turnaround rate. Customers can expect to receive premium-grade products and top-notch service from our company to help deal with their A/C problems at the earliest time possible. The trust that has been gained by our existing pool of customers shows just how much confidence one can expect of the line of product that we sell.

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