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About Ford

Henry Ford’s first attempt at a car manufacturing venture was the Henry Ford Company. It was established in the year 1901 in the month of November. The company eventually developed into the Cadillac Motor Company the following year in the month of August. The company then launched in a factory in 1903 with cash amounting to $28,000 (equivalent to an amount of $797,000 in the year 2019). This amount was obtained from a total of 12 investors including the Dodge brothers, John and Horace.

About Ford F-150

The F-Series of Ford is a lineup of trucks sold and distributed by Ford since the year 1948. The collection consists of light trucks which are traded as full-sized pickups. It is placed on top of the compact Ranger within the Ford range of models. The F-Series also includes Ford’s Super Duty line that comprises of pickups, cab trucks, and medium-sized trucks. The F-Series’ current production includes the F-150, F-250, F-450, F-550, F-650, and F-750.

Common Ford F-150 A/C Problems

Ford F-150 has its own problems when it comes to its A/C units. Several vehicle owners have shared online about some concerns they had while driving the F-150. Below are the possible solutions shared by our mechanics to help rectify the issues faced.

For A/C units that suddenly stopped working, owners are advised to check on their compressors. The most critical situation would require a full replacement.

Another driver has complained of the malfunction of the F-150’s heater. The owner is advised to check on the blower motor to see if any air is being blown. If there is indeed refrigerant being released but there is no air, then the problem lies in the blower.

An F-150 owner has shared regarding his experience with the A/C unit of his vehicle that was blowing fine initially. Over time, it went warm but a top-up of Freon made the air much cooler but not completely cold. Owner is advised to have his vehicle’s actuator checked to see if his issue gets rectified.

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