Ford F-150

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About Ford

Jim Padilla, chief operations officer and president of Ford, retired in 2006. He would be replaced by Alan Mulally, while William Clay Ford would remain the executive chairman. During their tenure the corporation increased its ability to borrow by nearly $25 billion, using most of its corporate assets as the collateral. Bill Ford made it clear that bankruptcy was unacceptable and both United Auto Workers and Ford, which represented more than 40,000 employees in the USA alone, signed a significant contract agreement by 2007 which provided the company with leniency involving its economic and healthcare retirement issues.

About Ford F-150

The F-150 is Ford’s flagship pickup truck, and is one of its best-selling models. Since its introduction, it has appeared in at least four variants, including the King Ranch, Platinum, Tremor and Lightning.  The King Ranch was introduced in 2001 and featured saddle leather. It was the industry’s very first pickup to be full sized with a complete back passenger compartment.

The F-150 Platinum appeared in 2009 and is considered the luxury version. It is the successor to Lincoln Mark LT and borrowed many of its opulent features. The Platinum trim would also appear in Super Duty trucks such as the F-250 and even the F-450.

The F-150 Tremor was first showcased in 2014. It is considered the high performance variant and is outfitted with an EcoBoost 3.5 liter engine with a rear axle. A shifter which is console mounted can be found in the interior, along with fully customized bucket seats and a rear differential which locks electronically. The F-150 Lightning was introduced in 2019 as the first completely electric pickup truck.

Common Ford F-150 A/C Problems

One common problem that has been witnessed in the F-150 is a dirty evaporator. If left unaddressed this can lead to A/C issues, because the air cabin filter is supposed to catch the majority of dirt and debris, but some of it will escape and then get on the evaporator. As time passes dust particles will accumulate in the fins, eventually restricting airflow which inhibits the ability of the A/C to adequately cool the cabin.

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