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About Ford

Ford is an automobile manufacturer headquartered in America. It has a base in Dearborn, Michigan, part of a suburb in Detroit. Apart from its own brand’s cars and commercial vehicles, it also markets luxury automobiles under the name, Lincoln. Ford is also the owner of Troller which manufactures SUVs in Brazil. Other auto firms that Ford holds shares in include Jiangling Motors and Aston Martin. Ford has its own family in control of its business in its entirety and it is listed in the New York Stock Exchange.

About Ford Escape

The Ford Escape is classed as a compact crossover car that has been sold since the year 2000 by Ford throughout four generations. Its original model was released by Ford for the model year 2001 as a joint development with Mazda Japan who was the leader in the vehicle’s design and engineering process. Mazda Japan then went on to release their very own version, the Mazda Tribute. Both these vehicles are similar in various construction aspects such as their roof and floorboards. Other features like performance and technicality are pretty much distinct.

Common Ford Escape A/C Problems

Ford Escape has had its own fair share of A/C problems as raised by car owners. One of the concerns involves the A/C unit blowing hot air after dying a couple of times upon the startup of the engine. Mechanics have advised that the root of the issue could be with the car’s compressor that needs to be looked at.

Another issue is the Escape’s A/C unit not even turning on despite having just been serviced. Mechanics have advised getting the entire system including the compressor, relay and radiator checked.

Owners of the Ford Escape has also mentioned about its A/C dying which still persists after being recharged. Mechanics have advised to replace its hose and to recharge it once more to resolve this issue.

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