Ford Escape

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About Ford

In recent years, Ford decided to design its sport utility vehicles with a unibody platform rather than the body on frame structure that had been used in the past. While developing the hybrid based electrical powertrain tech for Ford Escape SUVs, Ford decided to license similar hybrid tech to prevent patent infringement. Ford would eventually collaborate with SCE (Southern California Edison) to review future hybrid plugin technology and how both vehicle and residential energy systems could function with the existing electrical grid.

About Ford Escape

The Escape is a crossover, compact SUV which was first introduced by Ford in the year 2000. It has appeared in 4 generations so far and was developed jointly with Mazda, who released their own version which they called Mazda Tribute. While the Escape and Tribute shared similar underpinnings such as being constructed using the CD2 Ford platform (which was derived from the Mazda GF), the floor and roof pressing were the only things the vehicles had in common.

Mazda supplied the powertrains for the inline 4 base engine while Ford offered the V6, which was optional. Initially the two models had been assembled in the United States for American consumption, while Mazda offered its cars to international markets. However, Ford would also bring the 1st generation Escape to China and Europe in a version named Ford Maverick. The Ford Escape has the distinction of being the very first sport utility vehicle to provide the hybrid drivetrain, which appeared in 2005 models, but which was only available for North American consumers.

Common Ford Escape A/C Problems

One of the most common issues reported in the Ford Escape is inadequate refrigerant. Its air conditioning will not function should the refrigerant disappear as the result of a leak, in fact, in most cases the A/C won’t even cycle unless the refrigerant pressure is proper. While many drivers are tempted to simply purchase extra coolant and then start operating the vehicle again, if you don’t identify and seal the leak this will only be a temporary fix as the issue will reoccur.

Get Automotive A/C Products for Ford Escape Now!

A lot of drivers neglect to periodically inspect their vehicle’s air conditioning system and are then surprised when it suddenly stops working. Air conditioning systems, like other parts of the vehicle, must be inspected every so often to detect pending problems that could eventually cause it to malfunction. While some of these issues might involve basic things such as a cabin filter which has become dirty, others are more serious such as refrigerant leakage. If your vehicle’s A/C needs a replacement part, be sure to get it from R&Y Compressors. Our product selection, pricing, shipping speed and customer support are light years ahead of the competition, so browse for Ford Escape A/C parts now and enjoy the best prices online!