Ford Edge

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About Ford

Research and development has always played an important role in automotive innovation, and Ford developed its R&D capabilities in the early 1950s. It established a laboratory near Dearborn, Michigan where scientists performed research in areas such as superconductivity. By the 1960s they made an important breakthrough involving quantum superconducting interference. Ford also developed less exotic technologies such as standardized deep dish based steering and rear seatbelts, which were revolutionary at the time, along with a dashboard that was padded and door locks which were childproof.

About Ford Edge

The Edge is a line of crossover based SUVs which were first introduced by Ford in 2007. It is the first moderately sized sport utility vehicle to be marketed in North America and has appeared in two generations so far. It shares a number of underpinnings with the Fusion sedan, and is slotted between the Escape and Ford Explorer. The majority of production for the Ford Edge takes place at the Oakville Assembly Plant in Ontario, Canada.

Due to its success, Ford announced in 2018 that the Edge would receive a facelift for the 2019 editions, which phased out the 3 bar grille in front which has appeared in previous generations. It would also receive revised aluminum alloy based wheels as well as fresh interior and exterior color combinations. It also included a twelve speaker sound system from B&O with surround sound capability which replaced the Sony audio system which was used in older models. Finally, the newer models would utilize an automatic eight speed 8F35 transmission with stop start automated tech and an EcoBoost engine which is turbocharged.

Common Ford Edge A/C Problems

One owner of the Ford Edge stated that the A/C started becoming quite temperamental. After starting the vehicle the air might or might not come on. If not they’d try to change the settings but most of the time this wouldn’t work. While changing the settings a clicking sound was heard, and when the A/C does work and is turned off even briefly it might not come on again. Other drivers have complained about the Edge’s lackluster airflow but some were able to resolve the issue by reaching behind its glove box and extracting the vehicle’s cabin air filter, then vacuuming it to remove the dirt and dust.

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