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About Ford

Ford is a multinational automaker that is based in America. It has headquarters in Dearborn within a suburb in Detroit. Henry Ford founded the Ford Motor Company which markets commercial vehicles and automobiles under the Ford name, while majority of its luxury cars are marketed under the Lincoln brand. The Brazilian manufacturer of sports utility vehicles, Troller, is also owned by Ford whereas brands like Aston Martin and Jiangling Motors are where Ford is a stakeholder in. Ford family is in control of the Ford Motor Company and its company is listed in the New York Stock Exchange.

About Ford Edge

The Ford Edge features a lineup of crossover sports utility vehicles that are produced by Ford Motor Company. The Edge was first introduced in the year 2007 in North America with its model being in the second generation as of the present moment. The Ford Edge got its name from the Ford Ranger which is a crossover between the Escape and the Explorer which still falls under the Ford product range. The Edge shares several groundworks similar to the Ford Fusion in terms of its overall performance. It is produced at Ford of Canada at Oakville, Ontario.

Common Ford Edge A/C Problems

Owners of the Ford Edge have raised concerns over various issues that they have experienced with their car’s A/C unit. Some of them complained about intermittent coldness that they felt which was also not following the temperature that they have set. Mechanics have advised that this can be resolved by checking the climate control settings as well as the actuator.

Another owner raised a concern with how her car’s A/C was initially blowing just fine but eventually died halfway through her journey. Mechanics have advised that the hose had burst and that a replacement would settle the problem.

One similar problem is when the Edge’s A/C unit started emitting a burnt odor which was very risky as the family was on a long-distance trip. Mechanics have advised that their car’s compressor may need to be checked for debris or buildup that could have caused an oil leak.

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