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About Ford

Ford grew significantly between 1903 and 1908, introducing Models S, C, B, F, N, K, R and A. However, the car which would take the company to new heights and make it a household name was the Model T, which was so successful that it sold millions of units each year for more than two decades. The successor to the Model T was the Ford Model A, which became the world’s first vehicle which featured safety glass inside the windshield.

About Ford E-250

The E-250 is a cargo van which is full sized. It has five or six doors, with some models using sliding doors for passengers and a back swing door for cargo. It has a number of luxury features including high capacity air conditioning for the rear and front with the Ambulance Preparation Package, digital clock, input audio jack, AM/FM radio, and a trailer tow which is manually telescoping.

The newer E-250 models have advanced features such as keyless remote entry, power doors, locks and windows, satellite radio from SiriusXM and MP3. It comes with a sound system with four speakers and some variants have chrome along the rear and front contour, but this is only made available in the higher end models.

The E-250 also offers a Crew Van Package with a three passenger second row bench seat made from vinyl, with a fully metallic mesh style bulkhead and door trim made with polypropylene. Some models offer the option of fleet tracking and it can easily carry both sensitive and fragile cargo.

Common Ford E-250 A/C Problems

It has been reported that the A/C system in some E-250 models will only emit air from their defrost vents, even when turning the other control knobs. Although the air is ice cold, it remains in defrost, and though the van will eventually cool it takes much longer than usual. Mechanics who tested the system concluded that most likely it was an issue involving the van’s vacuum monitor control, or a leak within it. The dashboard must be removed to gain access so the linkage connections of the motor can be inspected for broken parts. It will also be necessary to review its vacuum lines to see if disconnections or cracks are present.

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