Ford E-150

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About Ford

The original process used by Ford to assemble automobiles was slow, inefficient and costly, and the company recognized the need for change. To this end, they developed the world’s first assembly line and would also switch to in-house component production, which is also known as vertical integration. Although the first automobile was manufactured in Germany in 1885 by Karl Benz, the method used to produce it was tedious and expensive. It was Henry Ford who developed the movable assembly line needed to create mass production, which substantially lowered the cost for each individual unit.

About Ford E-150

The Ford E-150 is a full sized van which was first introduced in 1961. It is the successor to the F-series, and has appeared in four generations so far. Its design has varied over the decades both for commercial and personal use, but was originally envisioned as a vehicle which could be used for passenger and cargo transport. It features both a stripped and cutaway chassis, and its versatility made it the top selling van in the U.S. between 1980 and 2014. For most of its history the Ford E-150 has been assembled in Ohio, either at the Lorain Assembly Plant or the Avon Lake facility.

The 4th generation uses the same VN platform as the 3rd generation Econoline, which was first showcased in 1975. Although the E-Series is a van, it shares a number of characteristics with the trucks from the F-Series, such as its front suspension dual I-Beam, and the suspension in the rear which uses the live rear axle and back leaf springs. 2008 models underwent major changes including better safety and handling, with larger brakes, enhanced steering and greater rollover protection. It also retained the dual I-beam layout, which made it one of the last vehicles in the world to do so.

Ford E-150 A/C Problems

One owner reported that the air conditioning system in his E-150 wasn’t working. The A/C clutches were tested and did not engage. The mechanics who investigated the issue initially believed that the system might have a low charge, since a lower pressure switch will stop its compressor from properly cycling in its low side and the vacuum will not draw it in. Additionally, air humidity might cause the system’s metallic parts to corrode.

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