Ford Crown Victoria

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About Ford

Ford was established in 1901, and was financed by twelve investors including Horace and John Dodge, who would go on to create the Dodge Motor Company. John S. Gray became Ford’s first president, and initially the company only manufactured a few automobiles daily, mainly at the assembly plant near Mack Avenue and the Piquette Avenue facility. Groups of men assembled each car using parts which were supplied by companies which had contractual agreements with Ford, but this method was slow and cumbersome and required change.

About Ford Crown Victoria

The Crown Victoria is a sedan which is full sized that was manufactured in two generations from 1992 to 2012. It was the biggest sedan to be sold in North America at the time and competed with the Grand Marquis. It was a huge success and is perhaps most famous for being selected for law enforcement use in the form of the Police Interceptor Crown Victoria.

This vehicle uses the same body frame as the Ford Panther, including the chassis. Between 1997 and 2011 its 3 model lines appeared in the form of 4 door sedans which were the only type to be available in the U.S. at the time. It has a standardized V8 engine with rear wheel drive and a frame which is full length. The Crown Victoria is also one of the few Ford vehicles that do not use a unibody construction since the back and front crumple zones are engineered into it. This car was manufactured primarily in Canada at the St. Thomas Assembly plant where about 1.5 million units were produced.

Common Ford Crown Victoria A/C Problems

One driver reported that they were having problems with the vehicle’s blend door actuator. They purchased a new one and after installing it the issue persisted, and they state that the compressor won’t activate unless the pin is jumped out in the vehicles WOT relay. Experts recommend testing the car’s control switch since it provides power for the Victoria’s blower circuit, as well as pressure switches. These switches should have power in each pin when the A/C mode is activated.

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