Ford 350 Super Duty

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About Ford

To compete with the likes of Buick, Pontiac and Oldsmobile, in 1939 Ford introduced the Mercury line which was initially considered its luxury division. However, in 1922 Ford had acquired Lincoln Motor Company, which would eventually take over this role, competing with the likes of Cadillac and Mercedes-Benz. By 1929 the Soviet Union was so impressed with Ford’s success that they invited them to establish the Gorky automobile facility where the company began producing the models AAs and As, playing a role in the industrialization of Russia.

About Ford 350 Super Duty

The 350 Super Duty, which is also known as the F-Series, is a line of trucks which were first introduced by Ford in 1998. These are heavy duty vehicles which use a different chassis than the F-150, which is lighter. Their suspension and chassis components are heavier which allow for superior towing capacity and payloads. Furthermore, these products still utilize the Powerstroke based diesel engine. The Ford 350 Super Duty has a GVWR in excess of 8,500 pounds which makes it a class two or three truck, whereas the cab chassis trucks are four and five class.

Many of the F-Series trucks are assembled in either Kentucky at Louisville or Avon Lake in Ohio. Before 2016, some models were also assembled in Mexico. These trucks are primarily sold in the U.S., Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Venezuela and Australia. The success of the Ford 350 Super Duty allowed it to be employed as the primary base chassis for Ford Excursion SUVs.

Common Ford 350 Super Duty A/C Problems

The two most common problems which have been reported in the Ford 350 Super Duty are issues with the blower motor and blend door. Some drivers have reported that no air was blowing from the events, which means that most likely the blower motor is faulty and can be affordably replaced. The blend door is responsible for managing the amount of heat and air which gets into the cabin. There have been cases where it has locked up or jammed, which results in the Ford 350 Super Duty being unable to correctly respond to requests for temperature changes.

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