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About Dodge

While the first Dodge cars and trucks appeared during the 1910s, their first van, the A Series, wouldn’t be introduced until 1964. It was a compact vehicle that utilized the Dart platform and was equipped with a V8 six cylinder engine. It was a strong competitor against competing vans and cemented Dodge’s success for these particular vehicles.

However, the market continued to evolve and Dodge engineers realized that customers wanted larger and stronger vans, so to meet this demand they released the Dodge B Series in 1971. Aside from its larger size, it offered more comforts than the A Series with a chassis cab that was included for larger flatbeds and cargo boxes. Due to the financial problems that Chrysler had at the time, it would be years before the engineers made any significant updates.

About Dodge Sprinter 3500

The Dodge Sprinter 3500 is designed specifically for commercial work. It did so well in this regard that it received the IntelliChoice Excellent Value Award for 2006. It comes with two roof heights and wheelbases and is outfitted with a V6, 3 liter turbo diesel CDI engine. At the time of its release it had the widest opening back doors and lowest step within height of any van in its class. It has air conditioning with the ability to control the temperature automatically and anti-lock four wheel disc brakes.

Common Dodge Sprinter 3500 A/C Problems

Some owners have encountered an issue where the van’s A/C will work well at night or when temperatures are less than 79 degrees, but will not work during the day or when outside temperatures are 85 degrees or more. Mechanics who investigated the issue concluded that the compressor was cycling and engaging yet no cold air was being emitted from the vents.

They ultimately decided to simply replace the compressor because they felt it was overheating and after evacuating and then recharging the system it could run for about two weeks without problems but the issue would resurface afterwards, which meant it could have been caused by a valve or thermal sensor.

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