Dodge Sprinter 2500

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About Dodge

Dodge started designing trucks early in their history, at the same time that they built cars. The earliest models were designed for light hauling, and initially used a car based frame, but would eventually develop a distinct body structure and chassis as the company matured. Medium duty models started to appear by the 1930s and 40s, and the heavy duty models came later. Many of these were assembled at the Warren Truck Assembly facility which was located in northern Detroit, and by 1936 Dodge switched to a Fore Point design which refined the chassis further.

About Dodge Sprinter 2500

The Dodge Sprinter 2500 comes in 3 wheelbases, which are the 158, 140 and 118 inches. They have two different roof heights with the Tower of Pisa variant being one of the most popular. Every Sprinter is outfitted with a 2.7 liter, 5 cylinder Mercedes based turbo diesel. It starts up quickly, doesn’t produce a strong diesel scent, and idles about quietly and smoothly. After driving it for a time many operators actually forgot they were in a diesel. The engine can generate 154 horsepower with 3800 rpm and about 243 pounds of torque. This is powerful enough to haul a 5300 pound load to sixty miles per hour in around 13 seconds.

Common Dodge Sprinter 2500 A/C Problems

One issue that has been encountered by some drivers is vibration involving the A/C vents, combined with insufficient air. This combined with noise are two common problems that have been reported in some Dodge vehicles. In some cases it can be resolved easily by simply replacing the vehicle’s blower motor.

However, if you’ve already done this and the issue still persists, this means that the blend air’s door damper might be damaged. While the replacement part itself is quite affordable, the time and skill needed to replace it is considerable. This is because you’ll have to remove the dash and recharge and recover the A/C which is time consuming. It is for this reason that many owners choose to take it to a mechanic, but depending on where you live the labor and installation costs can range from three to four figures.

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