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About Dodge

The success of the Dodge brand led to its adoption by the U.S. military. By 1916 Dodge had demonstrated that their vehicles were capable of operating in combat zones, and were first deployed in the expedition to capture Pancho Villa during the Mexican Border Conflict of the 1910s. The military acquired over 150 Dodge vehicles for this campaign, and their touring cars were also used for reconnaissance purposes. General Pershing used Dodge to monitor the movement of army columns and keep them under control.

About Dodge RAM 4500

The Dodge Ram 4500 has a number of new features, such as 8.4 inch displays with UConnect. It also has less chrome than previous additions, especially in the Big Horn Black variant. The Cummins has greater torque with a more powerful rear that makes it more useful for hauling the heaviest loads.  The Laramie Longhorn 4500 is popular for features like self-parking assistance and the ability to maintain lane control automatically.

Other features that can be found within the cabin include 4G LTE, Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, and navigational systems. Drivers can adjust the volume via a big knob and touchscreen which can be found on the dashboard. Buyers also have the option of a diesel based powertrain and the V8 engine provides a premium riding experience, with the ability to generate 383 horsepower with 400 pounds of torque. Some versions have a rear spoiler that sits above the trunk.

Common Dodge Ram 4500 A/C Problems

Some drivers have complained of the blower motor being too loud. It usually happens when the A/C is activated and could be the result of debris or leaves which have gotten stuck inside. When the vehicle or A/C is turned on, the engine will strike the leaves, which causes the unpleasant sound. However, it could also be the result of a malfunctioning fan, and if this is the case the blower motor has gone bad and needs to be replaced. The good news is that replacing this component is relatively straight forward and won’t take long. The job can easily be done by non-professionals once you’ve purchased the part online. The blower motor is accessible from the trucks’s passenger side and you’ll need a Torx driver and 8mm socket to get to it.

Get Automotive A/C Products for Dodge Ram 4500 Now!

A working automobile A/C system is a necessity in hot, humid or desert climates, especially during summer, and a break down can lead to extreme discomfort. Diagnosing the cause of the A/C malfunction can be challenging and costly, but once the source is found, and a replacement part is needed, be sure to get it from R&Y Compressors, because we have the largest inventory you’ll find on the web, so browse for Dodge Ram 4500 A/C parts now and enjoy the best prices online!