Dodge RAM 3500

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About Dodge

The original machine store founded by the Dodge brothers was located in the Boydell office along Beaubien Street near Lafayette. As their company continued to expand, they switched to a bigger facility near Monroe Avenue and Hastings Street, which today is a Greektown Casino Hotel parking garage. The primary Dodge factory was constructed in 1910 at Hamtramck, and would remain in operation until 1979.

After transitioning Dodge into a full-fledged motor company, Horace and John produced their very first vehicle, which was the Dodge Model 30/35. It was advertised as a touring car that had four cylinders and was slightly more luxurious than the Ford Model T. It pioneered and standardized a number of features, like full body steel construction, a twelve volt electric system and could generate up to 35 horsepower (the Ford Model T could only produce 20hp).

About Dodge Ram 3500

The Dodge Ram 3500 has a number of features not seen in other variants, including a standardized rearview camera, Fleet Telematics Module (which allows for vehicle tracking), LED light beds, luxury tungsten and Remote Services. Other features that come with the newest models include 8.4 inch displays, the choice of Apple CarPlay or Android Auto, HD radio, enhanced resolution and 4GLTE.

This truck is extremely powerful and designed for heavy duty tasks. As such, some models are outfitted with a V8, 5.7 liter engine that can generate 383 horsepower with 400 pounds of torque, and there is also a 6.4 liter V8 that can generate more than 400 horsepower. Each engine uses an automatic six speed transmission.

Common Dodge Ram 3500 A/C Problems

Some drivers have reported that the Dodge Ram 3500’s A/C system won’t blow out cold air. There are a number of issues that can cause this problem, one of which is a faulty evaporator. As time passes, the evaporator is vulnerable to leakage which in turn can lead to corrosion. Once it becomes corroded, the interior seals will begin to break, which causes leakage to occur. Drivers or passengers might detect a sweet smell or fluctuating temperature, which is a sign the evaporator has to be replaced.

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