Dodge RAM 2500

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About Dodge

Founded by John and Horace Dodge in 1900, the company started off producing chassis and engine components for various Detroit automakers. The most prominent among these were Ford and the Olds Motor Vehicle Company. Henry Ford preferred working with Dodge because they could supply a number of key components for the Model A, and returned the favor by giving the Dodge siblings a ten percent stake in Ford in exchange for ten thousand dollars’ worth of supplies.

About Dodge Ram 2500

The Ram 2500 is the heavy duty variant for the Ram 1500, which is a quarter ton. It comes with either a V8 or turbo diesel Cummins I-6 that has incredible torque. The Ram is Dodge’s most successful truck and has been around for years, going through various revisions. The newest version can be purchased with a V8 gasoline engine, or an inline 6 that is diesel fueled. The gas versions utilize a V8 which is naturally aspirated and 6.4 liters and capable of generating 410 horsepower with 429 pounds of torque. It is also connected to an automatic eight speed transmission to transfer power to its rear wheels.

Although the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) doesn’t currently review fuel economy for the heavier duty trucks, those who have tested the Ram 2500 HD have found that it can generate 10.2 miles per gallon in cities and 15.3 miles per gallon on highways. The Power Wagon offers the option of four wheel drive with a Crew Cab based body style.

Common Dodge Ram 2500 A/C Problems

One issue that has been encountered by some drivers is a blown fuse. When the fuse breaks down, drivers have reported hearing a humming noise and after turning on the A/C it fails to cool down the interior. Both professional mechanics and DIY enthusiasts can check the status of the fuse by pulling it out and inspecting the metallic chip within. If no connection breaks are visible, this means the fuse is fine, but if you see a broken connection this means it has to be replaced.

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