Dodge RAM 1500

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About Dodge

By 2011, a decision was made to split Dodge’s sub-brands, namely the Viper and Ram. Executives had decided that the Dodge Viper would become part of the SRT (Street & Racing Technology) product line, while the Dodge Ram would become the standalone marque. By 2014 the SRT was merged with Dodge again, and the Chrysler Group would become known as FCA US LLC, which corresponded with the ongoing Fiat S.p.A merger. This would allow Chrysler Group to become one corporate structure for Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, and a subsequent merger between PSA Group and FCA resulted in the creation of Stellantis, which appeared in 2021.

About Dodge Ram 1500

The 2021 Dodge Ram 1500 comes with a number of new features, such as a rearview digital mirror, comprehensive infotainment that provides data regarding the pitch, roll and riding height, heads up display and a mode for transfer case. Pedestrian detection has also been added, along with frontal impact notifications, and the option of a V6 or V8 engine that use gasoline powertrains which are wedded to a smooth automatic eight speed transmission.

The V8, 5.7 liter Hemi can be installed without the need of electric support and those who have had the pleasure of driving it have complimented the baritone style exhaust note and excellent acceleration. Those that purchase the V6, 3 liter diesel, which is also referred to as the EcoDiesel will be able to generate 480 pounds of torque. The Mountain Brown cabin with distinct trim pieces is very popular.

Common Dodge Ram 1500 A/C Problems

Some owners have encountered A/C problems within the first year of purchasing the truck. The most common complaint is that the A/C doesn’t fully cool down the cabin, which prompted mechanics to install new evaporators to resolve the issue. While this worked in some cases, there were other times that additional evaporator installations were needed. The water separator also had to be replaced, along with the condenser, and mechanics have also checked to see if leaks were present. If Freon levels are found to be too low the system will be pumped and filled until it reaches adequate levels. Expert’s state that each time a Dodge Ram 1500 A/C component is replaced the water separator should be replaced along with it.

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