Dodge Ram

R & Y A/C Compressors® has been the trusted brand for the last 3 decades manufacturing and supplying A/C components for owners of the Dodge Ram. By producing our own range of items, quality is guaranteed on top of intense tests being performed before the delivery of our goods. Our current portfolio that is currently still growing rapidly shows just how much confidence has been entrusted onto our brand by car owners who experience issues with their car A/C units.

About Dodge

Dodge is based in Michigan with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles being its main automobile manufacturer. It comprises of various classes of vehicles that consist of performance cars as its main focus. Dodge was founded by the Dodge brothers who first ventured in the industry with their machine store selling assembly parts for automakers. The brothers then eventually decided to pursue their own automobile-making business with the experience gained as well as the parts manufacturing expertise they have evolving around the auto sector. Their factory operated in Hamtramck of Michigan from 1910 to the month of January of 1980 and was called the Dodge Main.

About Dodge Ram

The Dodge Ram was previously known as the Ram pickup. It is a full-sized pickup truck that started selling from the year 2010 onwards. The Ram was marketed under the brand Ram Trucks with its fifth generation debuting in the market through the North American International Auto Show in 2018 organized at Detroit of Michigan. Ram used to make up part of the Dodge lineup of light trucks and its name was first put into use in the year 1981 under the model of Dodge Trucks in the month of October in 1980. The Ram has been featured in Motor Trend magazine as the Truck of the year as many as 7 times with its 2nd generation winning the award in 1994.

Common Dodge Ram A/C Problems

Some of the common problems with the Ram’s A/C unit involve hot air being blown, thumping sound when the A/C is on, the air blown out is of a low pressure, and the air blown out starts off cold but became hot halfway through the journey.

Mechanics have advised that the problem with hot air could be due to a high pressure in the compressor discharge. This can be tackled by recharging the system and cleaning the condenser.

The thumping sound heard in the A/C unit may be caused by high pressure within the suction that can be resolved by tightening the valve or removing some refrigerant.

The problem of cold air turning hot may be caused by a possible malfunction of the car’s evaporator. The coil may have been set too high or the driving belt may be slipping.

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