Dodge Grand Caravan

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About Dodge

Although not as famous as their cars and trucks, Dodge has produced a number of vans over the years. Their very first model was introduced in 1964 and named the A Series. It uses the Dart platform with its reliable six cylinder engine, and buyers also got the option of a V8. The A series sold well and Dodge engineers realized that larger and more powerful vans would be necessary to meet future demand. To this end they developed the Dodge B Series which became available in 1971. It offered a level of comfort which was comparable to a car with more interior space.

About Dodge Grand Caravan

The Grand Caravan is a type of long wheeled minivan that was first introduced in 1984. It serves both as a cargo and passenger vehicle and has appeared in 5 generations so far. It is one of Dodge’s best-selling and longest running vehicles, having been in production for more than thirty six years, selling more than fourteen million units.

The Grand Caravan is a flagship vehicle that is equipped with some of the best technology available. Fifth generation models have an automatic six speed transmission with a V6, 3.8 liter engine. It also has electrical stability control, MyGIG infotainment with a hard drive that is built in for recording and storing data, and multiple airbags. Those who purchase the SE model get sixteen inch wheels with a sliding door, power windows and A/C, while those that choose the more luxurious SXT get heated mirrors, leather seats and steering and LED lights.

Common Dodge Grand Caravan A/C Problems

One owner encountered an unusual problem where driver side vents would blow out cold air normally, but every other vent would only blow out hot air. Another driver stated that each time they activated the vehicle’s A/C the same thing happened, irrespective of what control settings they used. Additionally, the A/C would sometimes stop working for no apparent reason, and mechanics who reviewed the problem felt that it was caused by a faulty coil, expansion valve or evaporators. In some cases, simply replacing the faulty components resolved the issue.

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