Dodge Dart

R & Y A/C Compressors® has been the one-stop service center that residents of South Florida have been crowding to whenever they experience issues with their Dodge Dart. We manufacture and supply various premium-grade A/C parts and accessories to both locals and international customers. Our line of products undergoes testing before getting distributed to prevent any non-working components. This is the assurance that we provide to our clients for that peace of mind after having their mode of transport break down.

About Dodge

The company, Dodge Brothers, was founded by John and Horace Dodge in 1900. They started in the manufacturing sector with chassis and precision engine components as their main expertise. Eventually, over time, they led their firm towards the automaking industry, producing their own range of vehicles with the experience they had built over the years. The line of Dodge vehicles was first designed by both brothers with a 4-cylinder touring car emerging as their very first model. Consequent models progressed with more upscale advances that have been seeing gradual development year after year up to this date.

About Dodge Dart

Dodge marketed the Dodge Dart as an automobile line in the years 1959 to 1976 within North America. Other markets may have seen continued production even after those stated years due to demand. The Dart was first produced to target a lower-priced market as a full-sized vehicle in the years 1960 to 1961. It then introduced its mid-sized range in 1962 before a compact line from years 1963 to 1976. The Darts were typically reducing on their size in the efforts of replacing the Plymouth to cater to the low-priced Dodge network over the years.

Common Dodge Dart A/C Problems

There are several concerns that were raised by owners of the Dodge Dart. Some include a leaking refrigerant, a blocked or clogged condenser, a broken condenser, malfunction of electrical components, non-working cooling fans, and a damaged compressor.

A leaking refrigerant is often recognized through the discovery of an oily spot that has been accumulated over a certain period of time. A blocked condenser occurs when you find that the air blown out from your A/C unit is not cold. There could be debris or other particles that hinder the air flow. Electrical malfunction includes the complete breakdown of the A/C unit. There is no sound detected or any air that can be felt. Cooling fans that are not functioning properly affect the performance of your condenser. Over time, only hot air will be blown.

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