Dodge Charger

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About Dodge

Dodge is an automobile brand in America that is manufactured by Fiat Chrysler Automobile (FCA) LLC. The company has a base in Auburn Hills of Michigan with a collection of vehicles that comprises mainly of performance cars and a side of mid-priced vehicles. Dodge was originally founded under the name of Dodge Brothers Company which started as a machine shop operated by the Dodge brothers, Horace Elgin and John Francis. From supplying assemblies and parts to automakers in Detroit, the Dodge brand eventually emerge as an auto manufacturer in 1914 in Hamtramck of Michigan. The factory was called Dodge Main from the year 1910 throughout 1980.

About Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger is an automobile brand promoted by the auto firm Dodge. It was first produced as a show car in the year 1964 with progressive variants seen in subsequent models that differ in sizes. The Charger plate has then been seen in the U.S. on various classes of vehicles including sedans, luxury coupes, and muscle cars. There are 3 main forms of Dodge Chargers that comprise of a 2-door car, a subcompact vehicle, and the 4-door sedans which were first built in 2006. A concept car manufactured in 1999 also used the same Dodge plate which has a huge contrast against the models produced in 2006 and beyond.

Common Dodge Charger A/C Problems

Owners of the Dodge Charger have raised concerns over common A/C problems with their car including cases like the unit blowing hot air, the car’s compressor making knocking noises, malfunction of the car’s radiator, and a clogged air-conditioning system.

For the issue of hot air being blown out of the A/C unit, mechanics believe troubleshooting the A/C system would help solve the problem of the blower motor. This would then allow the climate controls to work properly again. As for the noises heard within the compressor unit, car owners can try flushing out the system to remove any metal particles. If the same problem still persists, a complete replacement would be necessary. Lastly, a failed radiator that may cause overheating needs to be checked for a melted fan or a damaged casing. If the situation is critical, replacing the radiator would help.

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