Dodge Caliber

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About Dodge

While Dodge has certainly released some iconic cars like the Camaro, Charger and Viper, it is perhaps best known for its trucks, especially the Ram series. These trucks are marketed separately from the cars, and when the company was first established in 1914, it began offering trucks from the outset. The first models were designed for light duty, but would eventually receive a distinct body design and chassis as the company matured. By the 1940s both light and moderately sized tucks were offered by the company, and then heavy models came later. Many of these were produced at the Warren Truck Assembly facility in northern Detroit.

About Dodge Caliber

The Caliber is a front wheel and engine compact car with five doors and hatchback styling. It was first introduced in 2007 and remained in production until 2012. It is the successor to the Chrysler PT Cruiser and Dodge Neon. Its production took place in the Belvidere Assembly facility where about 400,000 units were made.

Early models used a 1.8 liter engine, especially in the SXT and SE variants, and buyers also had the option of an SRT-4. However, both were dropped in later editions, and the cars which were aimed at European customers were outfitted with a diesel engine that was 2.2 liter and capable of generating 163 horsepower with 236 pounds of torque. Luxury variants were made available such as Uptown which featured climate control, anti-lock brakes and seventeen inch wheels with electrical stability.

Common Dodge Caliber A/C Problems

One owner of a Dodge Caliber reported that the air conditioning would not produce cold air, even when turned up to max. They verified its coolant pressure and fuse box and even used a multimeter around the dashboard, and everything seemed fine. However, they suspected that the compressor wasn’t spinning properly. The Dodge Caliber has a dual wire cable which plugs directly into its compressor to manage it. The cable uses a volume pump variable without a clutch, which makes it challenging to determine what is causing the issue.

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