Dodge Avenger

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About Dodge

Most Dodge vehicles consist of full sized cars or trucks, although it has made a few compact vehicles like the Dart. The oil crisis which began in 1973 prompted Chrysler to create its K platform to design moderately sized cars, which were popular and helped revived their brand, while laying the ground work for the Dodge Caravan. Between 1998 and 2009, Dodge changed ownership multiple times, and became part of Daimler Benz AG until 2007 when it was  then sold to the Cerberus Capital Management group, and in 2009 it was bailed out by the government after which it was acquired by Fiat.

About Dodge Avenger

The Avenger is a moderately sized sedan that features front wheel drive and was first introduced by Dodge in 1994. It initially appeared in the form of a 2 door coupe which remained in production until the year 2000, and it was later reintroduced in the form of a sports sedan with four doors in 2007. Its production ended in 2014 since the brand’s mid-sized vehicles were all consolidated into the Chrysler 200.

The Avenger is outfitted with a GEMA 2.4 liter engine that is naturally aspirated and the result of collaboration between Mitsubishi, Hyundai and DaimlerChrysler, which led to it being nicknamed the World Engine.  Its sheet metal was revised and later models display a crosshair grille with the updated Dodge logo, along with standardized LED taillights. The instrument panel and dashboard were also revised, with a 6.5 inch media screen and premium plastics for the trim panels. The seats also got better cushioning and upholstery, with the option of 2 tone color combinations for the cabin.

Common Dodge Avenger A/C Problems

One driver stated that the air conditioning in their Avenger would not blow cold air and also had a frigid line. Mechanics who inspected it quickly concluded that the switch for the climate control had gone bad, and needed to be replaced. Others who encountered this same issue have stated that it could also be caused by a leak or the vehicle could have low gas levels. If this happens it is recommended to take it to an auto dealer that can refill it.

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