Dodge Attitude

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About Dodge

Dodge is an American automotive brand which is part of the Stellantis division. It is headquartered at Auburn Hills in Michigan and was founded in 1900 by Horace Elgin and John Francis Dodge. Historically Dodge vehicles were considered moderately priced and beyond Plymouth, and built a reputation for their performance.

The Dodge brothers originally intended for their company to be a parts supplier and assembly house for other automakers based in the Detroit area, namely Ford, but begin building their own vehicles by 1914. Their factory was established at Hamtramck Michigan and remained their primary assembly hub until it was finally closed in 1980. After both brothers tragically succumbed to the Spanish Flu the company was purchased by Dillon, Read & Co, and was eventually acquired by Chrysler.

About Dodge Attitude

The Attitude subcompact sedan was first introduced by Dodge in 2006 and is badge engineered. It has 2 trim levels, which are SXT and SE, and each includes a three cylinder, 1.2 liter engine that can generate 79 horsepower, that is wedded to a CVT or 5 speed manual transmissions. Though it is lacking in power, its fuel economy is outstanding, enabling it to get forty seven miles per gallon in cities and around sixty three miles per gallon on highways.

The car has a number of features which are usually reserved for higher end vehicles, such as McPherson independent front suspension, disc brakes which are ventilated and a rear axle which is rigid. There are airbags for the driver and passenger as well as power locks, the ability to operate a phone hands free and USB ports with powered windows and locks.

Common Dodge Attitude A/C Problems

Some drivers have reported compressor issues. There have been instances where the compressor will “eat” itself because of either production errors or inadequate lubrication, which leads to the formation of metallic chips which are transmitted all over the A/C unit. Installing a replacement compressor is not enough, since the chips will rapidly destroy it. The only solution in this situation is to completely replace the air conditioning system.

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