Citroen C3

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About Citroen

The French automaker Citroen is headquartered in Saint-Ouen-sur-Seine, has been in existence for more than a century and has earned multiple local and international awards like the European Car of the Year, which it has won three times so far. Unlike many other carmakers, who copied the original system established by Ford where the body was bolted into the ladder frame that held most of the vehicles mechanical elements, Citroen devised a distinct system that involved a body that was unitary without a separate frame, and front wheel drive with independent suspension for four wheels. This design approach not only reduced defects, but made Citroen cars lighter.

About Citroen C3

The C3 supermini was first introduced by Citroen in 2002. Like the C2, it is the successor of the Saxo and has appeared in three generations so far. It uses a hatchback body with five doors, but buyers also get the option of a convertible two door variant known as C3 Pluriel. There is also a premium edition called DS3 which has three doors.

Customers in South America have a unique SUV variant which is called the C3 Aircross which is only produced and sold locally. The model has sold well and in 2014 received an award for its small size and efficiency. The latest C3 offers nine different colors for the exterior with 3 contrasting shades for the roof. It also has side mirrors, fog light trim and LEDs. It borrows a number of design elements from the C4 Picasso, with Airbump moldings which are inspired by the C4 Cactus.

Common Citroen C3 A/C Problems

Some Citroen C3 models have suffered from compressor failure. Compressors could be thought of as the vehicle’s heart and plays an essential role in the entire A/C unit. Its various moving parts will make gas coolant become liquid, which is how the cabin becomes cold. However, if the A/C system is not regularly used, the components might “stick” which can completely damage the compressor to the point that it is irreparable and must be replaced. This is the reason why most A/C experts recommend turning on the A/C for a few minutes each day, even during winter when it normally isn’t used, as this keeps the internal components moving and prevents them from getting stuck.

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