Citroen C2

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About Citroen

French businessman Andre Citroen founded the company in 1919, and it was one of the first major automobile manufacturers in France. Citroen is best known for developing a number of important technologies, such as mass production for front wheel drive vehicles, utilizing the car’s body as a structure for load bearing, independent suspension in four wheels and unibody design. By the 1950s they made history by being the first automobile manufacturer in the world to design a hydro pneumatic suspension system that was self-leveling. They also introduced a model called the Citroen DS which was one of the earliest vehicles to incorporate disc brakes and some of their models have swiveling headlights which enable better visibility when driving along winding roads.

About Citroen C2

The C2 supermini was introduced by Citroen in 2003. It is the successor to the Citroen Saxo which was assembled near Paris in the Aulnay production plant. It was produced until 2009, after which it was succeeded by the DS3 which arrived in 2010. A variant of the Citroen 2 was also sold in China, but uses a distinct design.

Donato Coco designed the Citroen C2 for younger drivers who were looking for a two door vehicle with exceptional styling. Customers also have the option of a hatchback with three doors. The LX is the most basic trim level, without fog lamps and bumpers made from plastic. The L version offers more features, such as a CD player, modulation for the back seats and door handles. The Citroen C2 SX was the most luxurious option.

Common Citroen C2 A/C Problems

One driver discovered that the car’s cooling fan wouldn’t come on, which resulted in too much pressure and an inability to properly recharge. Mechanics who reviewed the issue learned that the dual condenser relays for the blower had totally melted because the relay terminal connections were loose. Another Citroen C2 owner also complained of problems with the fan, which they tried to fix by switching the thermostat, but the problem persisted. Others have attempted to replace the cooling fan but are not certain if both the fans should operate at high speed or does one shut off while the other switches to high.

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