Chrysler Voyager

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About Chrysler

Over the years, Chrysler has collaborated with other carmakers, and one such example is Lancia, an Italian automobile manufacturer and Stellantis subsidiary. They are best known for their rally cars and technical developments such as five speed gearboxes and unibody chassis. Fiat, their parent company, purchased a stake in Chrysler during 2009 and as a consequence the Lancia brand was altered to incorporate various Chrysler products that had been rebadged. Both Lancia and Chrysler intend to continue co-developing products to reestablish Chrysler’s luxury image.

About Chrysler Voyager

The Voyager minivan was first introduced by Chrysler in 1988 to the European market, and the rebadged version was marketed in the United States as the Dodge Caravan. It is an upper tier vehicle that is only surpassed by the Chrysler Pacifica. The Voyager has appeared in multiple engine configurations, including diesel, and also had the option of both a manual transmission and emergency brake that could be foot operated.

The Voyager is one of Chrysler’s best-selling nameplates, having sold more than twelve million units worldwide. It has appeared in six generations so far, the latest being released in 2020. It can carry a maximum of seven passengers and has an audio system with six speakers and noise cancellation which are active. Buyers also get the option of Android Auto or Apple CarPlay. It has a number of safety features, including blind area monitoring, parking assistance, and the ability to automatically detect cross traffic in the rear.

Common Chrysler Voyager A/C Problems

One owner stated that the air conditioning in their Voyager begin locking up intermittently and would even break its serpentine belt. It was taken to a local mechanic who reviewed it and installed a compressor kit. While this fixed the initial problem, it created another because when the weather became hot the air conditioning would stop working and only blow out warm air, but would work normally at other times. The mechanic again looked at the issue and concluded that the compressor wasn’t getting adequate power at specific moments.

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