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About Chrysler

In 2008, Chrysler begin receiving customer feedback that emphasized the need of addressing increased gas prices, which were a major concern at the time. Chrysler executives listened to the customers and initiated what became known as their “Let’s Refuel America” campaign that guaranteed fixed gas prices for three years for customers that purchased their newest cars. Customers that enrolled in this program were given a special gas car that enabled them to reduce their price of gas to just $2.99 per gallon, and kept that price for up to 3 years.

About Chrysler Town and Country

The Town & Country minivan was first introduced by Chrysler in 1990, and ran until 2016. This makes it one of their longest running nameplates and it appeared in five generations. It is a flagship vehicle that historically has been ranked above both the Grand Voyager and Dodge Grand Caravan. The first 3 generations were assembled in Missouri while the 4th was assembled in Taiwan via the China Motor Corporation.

The final model was introduced in 2016 and carried over many features from the 2015 edition. Its projector headlamps were standardized with the exception of fleet vehicles, and the halogen headlamps phased out the reflector lamps that had been used in older generations. Customers who purchase the Limited or Touring L models have the option of HID headlamps. Chrysler also released the 90th Anniversary Model, which celebrated the company’s founding and had a number of luxury features such as heated seats and steering, sunroof and specialized floor mats.

Common Chrysler Town and Country A/C Problems

Multiple drivers have reported air conditioning problems. In one case it was the result of evaporator leakage, which the mechanics were able to fix. Another owner discovered that while operating the vehicle all the electrical power would suddenly shut off. However, the engine stayed on and started producing lots of smoke and water came out of the engine area. Still another driver stated that their A/C pressure hose failed because it was too short, an oversight by the manufacturer. They had to replace the hose in order to resolve the issue.

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One common mistake that is made by vehicle owners is a failure to periodically inspect their A/C. Contrary to popular belief, most mechanics will not check your air conditioning during a routine inspection, which means there could be underlying problems which are not diagnosed until it’s too late. Identifying problems in advance will prevent the problem from worsening, and if replacement parts are needed, there is no better place to get them than from R&Y Compressors, we carry high quality remanufactured parts for hundreds of models, so browse for Chrysler Town and Country A/C parts now and enjoy the best prices online!