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About Chrysler

By 2007, Chrysler had started providing lifetime vehicle powertrain warranties for the initial registered owner. This deal not only covered the continental United States, but the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. It covered any automobiles purchased after July of 2007, but the warranty cannot be transferred. Additionally, some vehicles were excluded, most notably the SRT and Diesel models, as well as the Hybrid System, Ram Chassis and various fleet vehicles. Chrysler is the third largest automaker in the country behind GM and Ford, selling about 1.8 million vehicles each year.

About Chrysler Sebring

The Sebring is a moderately sized vehicle that was first introduced by Chrysler in 1995. The lineup continued until 2010, and includes three convertibles, two coupes and two sedans. While the coupe shared various style cues with the other models, it is mechanically distinct. The 3rd generation was produced in Michigan at Sterling Heights and over eighty percent of its components were sourced from North America.

The third generation came with three engine options, which are the EER V6, GEMA I4 and the EGF V6. 3.5 liter models are unique in that they mark the first Chrysler engineers installed an automatic 6 speed transmission, which utilizes Autostick technology. The V6 2.7 liter variant can run with E85, which is cleaner burning. It comes with five trim levels, which are Limited, Touring, LX, base and Limited AWD. By 2007 Chrysler introduced an optional multimedia entertainment system for the cabin, and the Sebring received excellent scores from the IIHS due to its front, side and rear impact protection, earning it the coveted Top Safety Pick award.

Common Chrysler Sebring A/C Problems

One owner reported that their vehicle’s fan speed selection stopped working unless it was set to high. Although the vehicle still got cold rapidly, it was impossible to turn it down to a lower setting. Mechanics who investigated the issue found that it was caused by the switch resistors which burned out. The dealer was able to fix it affordably and some Chrysler enthusiasts have said that with a little know how owners can fix it themselves at home.

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