Chrysler PT Cruiser

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About Chrysler

Since its inception, Chrysler has formed strategic partnerships with other automakers around the world. One such example is Mitsubishi, a Japanese automaker that Chrysler collaborated with to sell their vehicles in North America, which were branded as Plymouth and Dodge. However, Chrysler hit a rough spot during the 1970s, and came close to bankruptcy, though they were saved by the U.S. government, which provided them a loan of $1.5 billion. Once Lee Iacocca became CEO he radically transformed the company, reestablishing its market dominance and profitability by the 1980s. The relationship with Mitsubishi remained, culminating in Diamond Star Motors in 1985.

About Chrysler PT Cruiser

The Chrysler PT Cruiser was first introduced in the year 2000 as a continuation of earlier concept cars, namely the Pronto. It had a unique design which made it distinguishable from other vehicles of the time. It holds a maximum of five passengers and is equipped with a front wheel drive train. Chrysler engineers found it difficult to evolve the PT Cruiser, which meant that its design remained largely the same.

They did release a number of variants, such as Dream Cruiser, but it didn’t showcase any significant mechanical upgrades. Buyers got the option of an engine that was turbocharged with a slightly revised facelift. Still, the PT Cruiser is popular for being one of the earliest tall wagons, a niche which had become popular due to a desire for economy cars which carefully used their interior space. It offers cloth seats with keyless remote entry and AM/FM radio, with air conditioning and fifteen inch wheels made with black steel.

Common Chrysler PT Cruiser A/C Problems

A number of air conditioning problems have been reported in the Chrysler PT Cruiser. For instance, one driver reported that while waiting near traffic lights their A/C vents begin blowing out warm air with a rapidly cycling compressor. They also stated that the vehicle’s electrical fan wasn’t working, but strangely, when driving the vehicle home and parking it in their driveway the A/C suddenly started working perfectly. Mechanics who have investigated this issue believe that the problem may be caused by a sensor which controls engine idling. The PT Cruiser’s A/C will add an additional load on its engine and a sensor will adjust it.

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