Chrysler Pacifica

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About Chrysler

Walter Chrysler employed GM’s brand hierarchy and diversification techniques that he had learned while working for Buick to expand Chrysler. This allowed him to purchase both Fargo Trucks and Dodge Brothers Company, forming DeSoto and Plymouth by 1928. He would eventually move into the European market, challenging British, Spanish and French automakers and even taking control of some of their companies by the 1960s. However, PSA Peugeot Citroen would eventually acquire Chrysler Europe as the company found it difficult to adopt the diverse market changes, which included increased environmental regulations and greater import competition.

About Chrysler Pacifica

The Pacifica is one of the Chrysler’s most popular minivans. This is due to its plugin option and its comfortable and spacious cabin. It has multiple trim levels, the flashiest of which is the Red S. Passengers get access to black and red Nappa leather with contrast stitching that is grey in color. This minivan sits on twenty inch alloy wheels and sound is provided via a Harman Kardon audio system.

A number of changes have been made to the Pacifica over the years, such as the introduction of all wheel drive. The interior is quite detailed. The leather seats are perforated with a steering wheel encased in smooth leather. Passengers will also have access to large touchscreens in the central stack, as well as multiple driver aids like parking cameras and cruise control that is adaptive. Those sitting in the second and third row will have access to entertainment that allows them to play games or watch movies while traveling.

Common Chrysler Pacific A/C Problems

Some drivers have reported instances of refrigerant leak. Mechanics who have worked on the Pacifica have stated that it isn’t unusual for the vehicle to lose as much as fifteen percent of its refrigerant annually, which is a standard part of its design. This means that owners who do not have their system regularly checked run the risk of having their refrigerant drop to a level which makes it almost impossible for the A/C to adequately cool them. One defect that has been found in some models is the sealing ring, which is damaged by the stone chip.

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