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About Chrysler

Chrysler, or officially known as Stellantis North America is an automaker that is stationed in the United States. It is part of the “Big Three” corporations made up of automobile manufacturers based in the U.S. Chrysler is headquartered in Auburn Hills and it also sells vehicles across the globe under the nameplates of Jeep, Dodge, and Ram. Apart from these brands, Chrysler also market through Mopar which is its division selling auto parts and accessories. In the 1960s, Chrysler found its way into Europe after taking control of British, French and Spanish automobile companies. Chrysler Europe was sold to PSA Peugeot Citroën in 1978 for a dollar due to its struggle with fluctuating markets and import competition.

About Chrysler Aspen

Chrysler Aspen is an SUV classified under the luxury class which is marketed by Chrysler. It was launched in 2007 under the basis of the Dodge Durango SUV. The vehicle is the first ever truck-based SUV that was commercialized under the Chrysler nameplate whereas the PT Cruiser was the first truck-based vehicle under the Chrysler brand which was regulated under the Corporate Average Fuel Economy’s standard. This introduction in 2007 means that all automobile brands from America had an SUV within their collection of automobiles. The truck as later unveiled in the International Auto Show in North America in the year 2005. It came with three row of seats fit for up to eight passengers.

Common Chrysler Aspen A/C Problems

Some common A/C problems shared by owners of Chrysler Aspen include sniffing a foul odor, feeling warm air, air is cold only at the front vents, and experiencing low air pressure. As advised by experienced mechanics, the foul odor problem is most likely to be caused by a microbial growth that occurs on the A/C cooling coil. Mildew buildup may also cause disintegration problem if not resolved immediately. For the issue of the warm air coming out from the vents, there may be a blockage either inside the compressor or there could be a low level of refrigerant. For the different temperature at the front and back vents, the temperate control mode may be experiencing some issues whereas the low air pressure issue may concern the A/C discharge port.

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