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About Chevy

The Chevrolet logo is an illustration of a bowtie which was first introduced in the later part of 1913, by William C. Durant, the company’s co-founder. It was through a publication that the bowtie was known to have originated in Durant’s own imagination. As a world traveler in the year 1908, he had been to several places. While in France, he chanced upon a hotel that had wallpapers with a certain design which he tore a small piece from for keepsake. He then thought that it would create a beautiful badge for an automobile which eventually did become a reality.

About Chevy Trailblazer

The Chevy Trailblazer is an automobile badge that Chevrolet makes use of for their range of SUVs. The badge was initially used by mid-sized SUVs that got sold from the year 2001 to the year 2009 for the market in North America. It was then replaced by Traverse in the year 2009. The Trailblazer was redesigned in 2012 especially to cater to the markets in Brazil and Asia.

Common Chevy Trailblazer A/C Problems

There was a driver of Trailblazer who first discovered about his A/C compressor problem was when it started blowing intermittently with a jerking noise. He knew then it had to be the compressor seizing which he headed to the workshop for and was told that he was actually right about it.

Another Trailblazer driver complained about loud whining noises upon turning on his car’s air-conditioning unit. Upon checking, it was also an issue with his A/C compressor that needs to be worked on.

A problem that was raised was regarding a leak that was found in the hose of the car’s air-conditioning unit. The owner experienced intermittent temperatures blown by the A/C which then stopped working completely after some time. The workshop then concluded that the car’s A/C actuator needs to be replaced thanks to the clicking noise they heard from the fan.

Get Automotive A/C Products for Chevy Trailblazer Now!

Regardless of the distance that you have to travel on a daily basis, a non-functioning air-conditioning unit in the car would mean uncomfortable rides every single day. If your daily commutes start much earlier in the morning, it will definitely spoil your mood which could last throughout the entire day. Thus, we highly recommend regular checks to prevent small problems from worsening to even bigger and more expensive issues. Should you require a replacement of A/C parts or installations of compressors, actuators, and more, R & Y A/C Compressors® is the place to look out for. We manufacture and distribute our own parts and products so you can expect affordable prices for repair and installation works.