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About Chevy

Chevrolet is an automobile division which is part of General Motors. It is named in honor of Louis Chevrolet who co-founded the company with William Durant in 1911. Since its founding, Chevy has gone on to become one of America’s mostly famous brands, selling millions of vehicles both domestically and worldwide. Although the marquee is most famous for cars such as the Impala and Corvette, it also manufactures commercial and pickup trucks such as the Silverado and S-10.

About Chevy Suburban

The Suburban is a large SUV which has been manufactured by Chevy since 1934. This makes it one of the longest running automobile nameplates in the world, and is also one of Chevrolet’s most popular models. The first generation was a station wagon that used an all metal body, and it has gone through a number of design iterations over the years. It shares a number of similarities with both the Chevy C/K and Silverado, but is far more luxurious. Aside from the United States, it is also sold in Canada, Latin America and parts of the Middle East. The Suburban has appeared in many films, so many in fact that it was given its own Hollywood Walk of Fame, a feat that few automobiles will ever achieve.

Common Chevy Suburban A/C Problems

One owner stated that their A/C stopped working, and upon inspection it was found that the condenser was leaking refrigerant. Unfortunately, this is a common issue in some versions and is usually reported in models that have less than 49,000 miles. Others have stated that although the A/C produced cold air initially, the air flow gradually declined to the point that it started only blowing out hot air.

In some Suburban A/C units, the lining was found to be defective which led to damage to the A/C bolts. The bolts became separate from the main A/C line which in turned caused the lines to begin leaking coolant. These lines required replacement, and Chevrolet has been notified of the issue. Finally, some Suburban owners have reported a knocking sound that is produced by the tire on the driver side that seems to occur whenever the vehicle is moving at higher speeds. The engine light came on and the A/C would only blow out warm air until the buttons were adjusted.

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