Chevy S-10

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About Chevy

Chevy was named in honor of Louis Chevrolet, a Swiss engineer and race car driver who founded the brand in collaboration with William Durant. Durant had previously been a manager in General Motors, a company which he had established in 1908, and it was Durant who was responsible for creating Chevy’s now famous bowtie logo. He played a key role in the design of the Series C Classic Six, which was the very first Chevrolet automobile to be manufactured and sold.

About Chevy S-10

The S-10 is a pickup truck which is compact. It is notable for being one of the first trucks to be domestically constructed among the three largest American automakers, and by 1981 had become a quarter ton in weight. The 1982 version was initially referred to as the S-15 before being switched to GMC Sonoma. Later, a higher performance edition was also available which was dubbed the GMC Syclone.  Isuzu marketed the truck as Hombre between 1996 and 2000, although primarily for North American customers. An SUV variant has also been released, which is called the S-10 Blazer, and by 1997 Chevy developed an electric truck which was available under lease as fleet vehicles. The S-Series would eventually be phased out due to the introduction of the Chevy Colorado.

Common Chevy S-10 A/C problems

One owner stated that their A/C blower motor shut down after driving the truck for a few hours. When they tried setting it to high the air flow and quality would not increase, and eventually it would shut off and then start up again. Others have reported smelly fumes, which is akin to cleaning fluid. When the truck was taken in to a dealer it was concluded that the fumes were emitted by a heating coil that had burnt out. Some Chevy S-10s have also emitted smoke from the vents, and in other cases the compressor failed which caused the A/C unit to begin making noises, which was partly caused by the spring or bearing wearing out.

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