Chevy Malibu

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About Chevy

Founded in 1911, Chevrolet is today one of America’s most famous automotive brands. This is largely due to the success of the Chevy Corvette, which was one of the first American made sports cars to seriously challenge its European rivals. The marquee has also found success in trucking, as it manufactures various commercial trucks which are moderately sized. Chevrolet has also made contributions to automotive technology with the development of the small block engine.

About Chevy Malibu

Named after the coastal California enclave, the Chevy Malibu is a moderately sized car that was first introduced in 1964. It was initially a Chevrolet Chevelle trim level, but by 1978 became its own distinct model line. Although the first Malibu utilized an intermediate rear wheel drive, ultimately it became front wheel drive by 1997. For much of its history, the Malibu has been marketed mostly to North American customers, although the eighth generation is available worldwide.

Common Chevy Malibu A/C Problems

One driver reported that while operating their Malibu the power was lost on multiple occasions. In two instances they brought the vehicle to a total stop and were unable to extract the key from its ignition. It took between ten and thirty minutes for the power to come back one so that the key could be removed. The problem is believed to be connected with the air conditioning system, as the Malibu sometimes stalls while it is in operation. Other owners have complained that they had to replace multiple wheel bearing assembly hubs and that they noticed a toxic odor which was being emitted from the A/C vents.

Mechanics who investigated the issue felt that the problem was caused by an evaporator core which had become faulty, and although Chevy has acknowledged the problem, they’ve yet to provide out of pocket repairs. Vehicle jerking is another issue that has been reported, especially when the Malibu is moving at speeds of 35 mph or greater. The engine’s warning light would also activate simultaneously, and the car reported the A/C being on when it wasn’t.

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