Chevy Cruze

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About Chevy

Chevy or Chevrolet is the name of an American automotive brand that is based in Detroit, Michigan. Established in 1911, over the last century it has emerged as one of the world’s most famous automobile marquees. During the 1900s Ford came to dominate the automobile industry with the success of the Model T, and Chevrolet was the first major rival it faced. Today Chevy produces a wide selection of automobiles, including commercial and medium sized trucks.

About Chevy Cruze

Chevy Cruze is the name of a compact vehicle which has been manufactured since 2008. The name is also used in Japan, although that car is a hatchback that was made during a joint venture involving Suzuki. The Cruze was developed and designed globally and is a sedan with four doors that has been sold in South Korea, where it is called the Lacetti Premiere. In Australia it is sold under the brand name Holden Cruze. The car was designed to be a family friendly sedan and is considered by experts to be the successor of the Chevrolet Optra, which was sold primarily internationally under multiple names. By 2019 production of the Chevy Cruze ended in Mexico and the U.S. but continues in other parts of the world.

Common Chevy Cruze A/C Problems

One driver stated that although the car blows out air, it is not enough to actually cool down the vehicle. Cool air can be felt from the vents on the passenger side but the air from the driver side vents is hot. They tried turning the fan button down to low which allowed both sides to cool but the air flow is still inadequate.  Other owners have reported issues with vehicle’s battery connections. The manufacturer sent out a letter notifying them of the issue, and although they took the car to a mechanic for repairs, the A/C still failed and the dealer was unable to identify the cause. Still others have reported that while driving the vehicle and attempting to use the air conditioning they notice the smell of coolant which was emitted from the vents. The issue appears to happen randomly, but mechanics who have inspected the vehicle have concluded that a component is faulty.

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