Chevy Colorado

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About Chevy

Chevy, which is officially known as Chevrolet, is a major American automobile manufacturer. Named after Louis Chevrolet, who co-founded the company with William Durant in 1911, the company was and is a major competitor to Ford and at one point overtook it to become America’s bestselling automaker by 1929. While Chevy is known for their cars, they are most famous for their trucks, and have developed a number of proprietary technologies, such as the Chevy small block engine.

About Chevy Colorado

The Chevy Colorado is a pickup truck with elevated shoulder lines which soften the silhouette with blocky fenders. Its grille is small and slim, yet the wheels have been extended outward. It has a lifted suspension with a prominent hood and clean cut appearance overall. The cabin is both rugged and opulent, with a finish that is superior to many of its rivals. The dash trim and aluminum door look great, as does the area around the steering with its assortment of controls. The shift lever has been mounted, which makes it easy to store electronic devices like iPads while multiple USB ports and cup holders are located nearby. As with any pickup truck, the carrying capacity is important, and the Colorado doesn’t disappoint. It can carry a payload which weigh up to 1590 pounds, and has a bed extender which extends its 6 foot bed to one that is 8 feet. It also has cargo dividers, a rack system, cargo nets and a toolbox.

Common Chevy Colorado A/C Problems

Some drivers have stated that the A/C fan is a bit noisy, but even worse the air being blown out is not as cold as it should be. The truck was taken to a dealership to be inspected and it was found that it was low in Freon levels. The mechanic performed a pressure and leak test and was unable to figure out how or why it happened. However, many Chevy Colorado owners who encountered A/C issues were able to resolve them by ordering remanufactured parts online.

Get Automotive A/C Products for Chevy Colorado Now!

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