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About Chevy

Chevy is a General Motors division that produces high performance vehicles. It is most famous for the Corvette and Camaro, and along with Ford and Cadillac is considered a household name in the United States. Founded by William C. Durant and Louis Chevrolet, the company acquired a stake in GM due to a reverse merger in 1918. Aside from cars, the division is known for its heavy duty trucks, which are frequently used for commercial purposes.

About Chevy Avalanche

The Chevy Avalanche is a pickup truck with four doors that is capable of seating five to six passengers. It gives owners the carrying capacity of a pickup truck with a long bed combined with the comfort of a sport utility vehicle. It can alter between SUV and truck mode using an ingenious system called Midgate, which is a rear bulkhead that can be removed that is located between the passenger area and pickup bed. The Midgate uses a tonneau style bed cover and the truck can be calibrated with a shorter bed that is Tahoe sized. Once the rear glass and tonneau panels are removed the truck can be switched to open air which allows small vehicles such as ATVs (all-terrain vehicles) to be transported with ease. The Avalanche is extremely powerful, to the extent that it can haul up to 8,000 pounds. It has the same length as the Chevy Suburban and due to the upgraded underpinning the ride quality has been substantially improved. The cabin is classy, with relaxing seats and infotainment and driver assist which are fully integrated.

Common Chevy Avalanche A/C Problems

Some owners have stated that after disconnecting and reconnecting the truck’s battery, the A/C vents on the driver side started blowing out hot air constantly, irrespective of what settings were used. Meanwhile, the A/C vents on the passenger side continued blowing out cold air normally. Some owners resolved the issue by shutting down and restarting the engine, but this only seemed to work temporarily. The truck was taken to a mechanic and the problem was finally resolved by replacing one of the A/C components which had become faulty.

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