Chevrolet Celta

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About Chevrolet

Chevy makes up part of a division of General Motors Company that caters to the automotive market in the U.S. The establishment was first known as Chevrolet Motor Car Company and was started by Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant. Durant may be known as the GM founder who eventually got ousted out of his own position. Chevrolet Motor Car Company then went on to buy over a major stake in General Motors which opened up a position for Durant in GM presidency. Before long, he was overthrown from his position yet again and Alfred Sloan moved in to take over as volume leader. This move gave him the power to decide certain production criteria and he chose to develop automobiles that can cater to every purpose and purse. This new lineup was highly popular and went on to overtake Ford’s fleet of cars before becoming a best seller by the year 1929.

About Chevrolet Celta

The Chevrolet Celta is marketed under the name Suzuki Fun in Argentina. It used to be a low cost small-sized car that was manufactured by Chevrolet for the automotive market in Latin America between years 2000 and 2015. There is also a sedan version of the Celta which was sold as Chevrolet Prisma. In Gravatai, a Brazilian municipality, approximately 600,000 Celtas have been manufactured. This figure equates to more than one hundred thousand units being produced each year.

Common Chevrolet Celta A/C Problems

Common Chevrolet Celta A/c problems include warm air from vents, no air from vents, and only cool air instead of cold. These problems have been resolved by experienced mechanics before and they have shared their sentiments regarding the individual problem. When there is no cold air coming from the A/C vents, it may be caused by a refrigerant leak. Without sufficient refrigerant, the air will not cool adequately. For the issue of no air coming out from the vents at all, it may be caused by a bad relay or a blown out fuse. This causes a lack of power or zero power to provide proper ventilation. The last issue about the cool air that will not get cold, it is the same refrigerant issue. Low refrigerant level means low energy to cool down air completely.

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