Chevrolet Captiva

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About Chevrolet

Chevy is part of General Motors Company and it may also be known as Chevrolet. It is an automobile manufacturer that produces and markets automobiles for the local U.S. markets. The company was first recognized as Chevrolet Motor Car Company which was first developed by Louis Chevrolet with some help from William C. Durant. Durant was known for his stance at General Motors where he was ousted by his own board of directors. The Chevrolet Motor Car Company then moved on to invest in a major stake of General Motors which got Durant back his spot in GM management. However, before long, he was ousted yet again and his position was taken over by Alfred Sloan. As a volume leader, he went on in his own direction, producing automobiles that were targeted at those who were looking for a vehicle that matches their purpose and budget. His new lineup of automobiles went on to overtake Ford and emerged as the best selling automobile in the whole of U.S. by 1929.

About Chevrolet Captiva

The Chevrolet Captiva is categorized under the vehicle class of compact crossover SUV. It was first developed by GM and its first generation was produced by GM Korea that was on the design basis of the GM Theta. The crossover barely makes it as an entry-level SUV category and it was released in 2006 to international markets under the name Chevrolet Captiva but as Holden Captiva in Australia and Daewoo Winstorm in South Korea. In 2011, the international name was eventually adopted for every distribution market.

Common Chevrolet Captiva A/C Problems

The Chevrolet Captiva has faced some A/c issues before these and some common A/c problems of the car include cool air coming from the vents but not cold, A/c unit smelling like mold, and noisy vents when A/c is switched on. The cool air may be due to a lack of refrigerant or a failed clutch lever. The mold issue is probably mold or mildew which means you are inhaling bacteria. Lastly, a noisy A/c unit is often caused by a failed compressor when there is a banging sound involved. Otherwise, it may just be debris that has gotten inside the unit.

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