Chevrolet C8500

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About Chevrolet

Chevy or Chevrolet is one section of General Motors Company. It is an automaker firm that produces and markets a wide range of automobiles for the U.S. automotive market. The establishment was first developed by Louis Chevrolet with a little help from William C. Durant. Durant is the same person who was overthrown from his position that he personally built in General Motors. The partnership he had with Chevrolet turned out to be fruitful as he regained a management position in General Motors after Chevrolet Motor Car Company bought a major stake in General Motors. However, the stance was cut short and Durant was once again rejected by his own board of directors within General Motors. Alfred Sloan then moved in to join the company and was assigned the role of a volume leader. He took advantage of his position to focus on delivering a new fleet of vehicles that catered to those who are looking for car that easily matches every purpose and budget. This range later became a best seller in the United States market by the year 1929.

About Chevrolet C8500

The Chevrolet Kodiak makes up part of a lineup of medium duty trucks manufactured by Chevrolet and GMC from years 1980 and 2009. It was unveiled as a variation of the C/K truck range with a total of three generations. The Kodiak was developed as a foundation for trucks that are vocationally-oriented such as dump trucks, cargo haulers, and more. After low demand persisted, GM applied to exit the sector of heavy-truck manufacturing.

Common Chevrolet C8500 A/C Problems

Chevrolet C8500 has faced a series of A/C problems before. The issues include warm air coming out of the A/c vents, no air at all coming out from the vents, and vents blowing only cold air that will not get cold. The problem of warm air may be caused by a lack or refrigerant which helps to cool down the air. The missing air from the vents is caused by a blockage at the filter by debris and dust buildup. The cool air that will not get cold is due to low refrigerant level or a failed clutch switch.

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