Chevrolet Aveo5

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About Chevrolet

Chevrolet makes up a section of the General Motors Company that manufactures automobiles for the market in the United States. It is also known as Chevy and it was first established by Louis Chevrolet through a partnership with William C. Durant who was remembered as the ousted founder of General Motors. This took place in the year 1911 but it was under the name of Chevrolet Motor Car Company. This corporation went on to acquire a major stake in General Motors before a reverse merger eventually took place in 1918. This course got Durant back on track with GM presidency and into the business before he was ousted yet again for the second time. Alfred Sloan took over and became volume leader and concentrated on producing a car that suits every purpose and purse. This lineup of automobiles eventually became a best seller in the United States in 1929 which overtook the cars produced by Ford.

About Chevrolet Aveo5

The Chevrolet Aveo5 is marketed under the North American automotive market. It has two rows of seats that can be accessed through its four doors. The car is manufactured by GM Korea or previously known as GM Daewoo but it eventually got replaced by Chevrolet Sonic for production year starting 2012.

Common Chevrolet Aveo5 A/C Problems

Common Chevrolet Aveo5 A/C problems include sniffing musty smell from A/C vents, noisy A/C when switched on, and water on the floorboards. The first issue of musty smell is due to microbial growth on the cooling coil. The noisy A/C problem is due to excessive debris or dust that has built up over time. However, it may be a sign of a really critical issue that is waiting to happen. If a rattling sound is heard, it is the compressor that needs a change. For the last issue of finding water on the floorboards is because of a clog in the drain line. The condensation cannot pass through and ends up on your floorboards.

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