Cadillac XLR

R&Y Compressors provides premium car air-conditioning components for various makes and models, including the Cadillac XLR. We have a team of A/C specialists under our wings in South Florida who are well-versed in auto A/C parts and have been stocking remanufactured Cadillac A/C parts which can come in useful for solving common A/C problems.

About Cadillac

Through Cadillac, General Motors engineers and distributes luxury vehicles for markets across countries like the United States, Canada, and China. There is also a series of other premium models which are dedicated for markets outside these countries, targeting to reach worldwide exposure. This has been proven successful with a record high of global sales amounting to nearly 400,000 units. Cadillac continues to persevere and manage its reputation well by delivering luxury cars with premium quality and performance trusted by many.

About Cadillac XLR

The Cadillac XLR is a single-generation roadster that can seat two passengers. Being Cadillac's 2003 flagship car model, this handsome vehicle comes with a hardtop that is retractable. This model was also the very first vehicle from the Cadillac marque to feature both cooled and heated car seats as well as the first to feature adaptive cruise control based on radar technology. Cadillac first started marketing the XLR in 2003 and ended its production run in 2009.

Common Cadillac XLR A/C Problems

Some XLR owners have reported A/C failures. When attempting to use it, only hot air would blow out. The car was taken to a technician to have its Freon recharged, but the Freon would begin leaking after just forty-eight hours after which the A/C would stop working completely. This required a second diagnostic appointment, and some drivers have stated that the issue is potentially dangerous, not just because of the Freon leakage, but because the air which is being emitted from the vents is exceptionally hot.

Other drivers have stated that sometimes the heater starts up on its own and will not shut down once the vehicle has been deactivated. In order to shut it off, the hood had to be opened and the fuse then extracted from its fuse box.

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